Sonny Champion

Transfer The Pain Into Power

Chalmers Champion aka Sonny Champ is the owner, CEO, music producer, and clothing designer of his music label Pain & Power Productions. He is a self-made producer who has influences from musical production innovators such as Quincy Jones, DJ Premier, Wu Tang Clan, and Organized Noize. He is also Uncle Sonny, President of the non profit organization Uncle Sonny Initiative.

Pain & Power originated from being sick and tired of being overworked and overlooked. The PAIN came from the disappointment of dropping out of college, being a family failure, and discharged from the Air Force, being demoted from Soldier to a civilian at a flick of a switch.

The transition to POWER happened when he had to turn every negative in his life to a positive and by flipping the hourglass of life he began to see he was the cause of his own demise.  Music was the antidote that kept him calm during the tornado and it was the life preserver that kept him afloat.

Pain & Power Productions is bigger than music. They strive for perfection in everything they do. 

All of have to Transfer The Pain Into Power.

The sound is universal.

The culture is freedom.

To give back to the community Uncle Sonny InItiative a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit organization the was created to provide mentorship and leadership to encourage youth ages 7 to 17 to create their own successes, overcome fear and “Transfer Pain into Power”.  Our youth are active members of their communities where they participate in sports, arts and academic and Mental Health programs.

Our core values are Unity, Community, You and Me. It takes all of us to make an impact and difference. And Transfer The Pain Into Power. No matter what we go through in life, we can take a negative and make it a positive.

We speak into existence more of what has been rather than, what could be, because we speak from pain rather than from our power.

Transfer the PAIN Into POWER.

Sonny Champ